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Roads and Bridges

A recognized consultant in infrastructure development, K&J Projects provides extensive consultancy services in Road and Bridge engineering. Our expertise extends to a wide array of services, including field survey and investigations, traffic studies, environmental & social studies, and detailed design of all elements.

Our capabilities are not limited to design and planning. We also excel in providing construction supervision, contract management, quality assurance & control, Operation & maintenance and act as PMC, Independent Engineer or Authority’s Engineer.

K&J Projects has a rich history of delivering successful projects in diverse environments, including rural roads, highways, expressways and associated structures like cross drainage works, culverts, bridges, grade separated structures, flyovers, ROB/RUB etc. We conduct thorough surveys and engage in detailed investigations, ensuring that every project is backed by accurate data using cutting-edge technology / modern equipments

We have proudly provided consultant services for both rural and urban roads, as well as highways & expressways in India and other developing countries.


We believe in taking ownership of project's success as if it were our own. Our commitment to delivering feasible, fundable, and constructible roadway and bridge solutions is unwavering, regardless of the project's size or complexity. With K&J Projects, you are choosing a partner dedicated to excellence and innovation in infrastructure development.


K&J Projects has achieved remarkable success in infrastructure development with a total of 7,700 km of asset management, 5,700 km in DPR/Feasibility studies, 3,350 km overseen as an independent engineer, 1,100 km of corridor assessment, and 1,000 km of project management consultancy in roads and bridges engineering.

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