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Our Assurance of Excellence

Our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction distinguishes us in our field. Regardless of the size of your project, from small-scale endeavors to extensive developments, we possess the expertise to guide you at every stage. We invite you to contact us to explore how we can help you meet your engineering objectives with the utmost assurance of quality and dedication.

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Road Safety

Design Review and Construction Supervision

  • Design and drawing vetting and approvals.

  • Review and approve QAP, Project Planning, and Method Statements.

  • Review and approve specialized vendors/suppliers, construction materials.

  • Day-to-day monitoring and Quality Assurance tests.

  • Project Monitoring Reports.

  • Review & Recommend Change of scope & Extension of Time proposal.

  • Contract and Claim Management.

  • Road Safety Audit during design and construction.

  • Endorsing payment certificates.

  • Environment and Social Impact Management.

  • Environment, Health & Safety Reporting.

  • Assess issues during the O&M or DLP period.

  • Project Completion Certification.

Corridor and Asset Management

  • Assessment of existing maintenance management system.

  • Inventory and condition survey of corridor.

  • Conduct various tests using specialized equipments.

  • Conducting required tests on distressed assets.

  • Evaluate and Report essential corrective measures.

  • Suggest interventions required.

  • Update all the data in RIS, BIS, PMS.

  • Development of Asset Management System Software.

Urban Mobility and Accessibility

  • Traffic survey and analysis for multi model transport system.

  • Planning and Design of multi model transport system.

  • Identification of congestion points and suggest measures for decongestion of traffic.

  • Proposal for bypass of goods vehicle for increasing mobility of local traffic in urban areas.

  • Design of facilities for pedestrians and physically challenged people.

  • Suggest interventions for ease of traffic congestion and parking.

Feasibility Study and

Detailed Engineering Design

  • Inventory and condition surveys of existing facility.

  • Historical Data collection.

  • Traffic studies.

  • Topographic Surveys.

  • Alignment options studies and recommendation.

  • Hydrological and Drainage studies.

  • Pavement Design.

  • Detailed Design and drawing for road and structures.

  • Geotechnical Investigation.

  • Environment & Social Impact Studies.

  • Land Acquisition.

  • Project Clearances including utility shifting.

  • Economic & Financial Analysis.

  • Bid Documents and tender process management.

Road Safety Audit and

Capacity Building

  • Study and analyse traffic patterns in view of safety.

  • Safety and operational implications of proposal.

  • Review of intersection considering mobility and safety.

  • Review of entry and exit of SMVT vehicles.

  • Review of road side furniture.

  • Study accident report and suggest temporary and permanent improvement measures.

  • Identify blackspots and suggest improvement.

  • Assessing potential road safety risks.

  • Review of work zone safety arrangements.

  • Conducting Training.

Technical Audit and

Proof Checking

  • Conducting visual inspection of project.

  • Plan investigation methodology and tests to be conducted.

  • Based on investigation and test result, recommend corrective measures.

  • Conduct forensic audit of distressed / failed components.

  • Proof Checking of detailed calculations, design and drawings.

  • Value Engineering suggestions on design and drawings

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